Felix Taylor Harris III

The Community School of the Arts made me the man I am today. It gave me the confidence to do things I would not normally do. Without the confidence that CSA gave me I don't see myself ever coming out of the shell that I was in, and I don't see myself having the confidence to go to college. CSA was and always will be a safe place for my sisters and me. Learning to play the trumpet, piano, to dance and to sing gave me so much in life that words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for the Community School of the Arts, and I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all CSA did for me.

Shelly Story

I came to the Community School of the Arts with the single goal of becoming a violinist. My family had hit a wall of financial hardship that was not going to budge, regardless of how much I wanted and needed my lessons. CSA ensured that I not only continued to receive my training on violin when times were tough, but allowed me to study piano and voice as well! It gave me hope of achieving my goals for the future by offering me opportunities that I simply would have never had otherwise. I am living a life now that does not reflect a disadvantaged upbringing because, thanks in a large part to the Community School of the Arts, I didn't have one.

Brittany Rogers

My brother was one of the first students that attended CSA '92, so naturally I followed. The atmosphere felt like a community that gave you the choice of different artistic paths. CSA will always be a part of me. It has greatly influenced me and the other students that have moved on to great things. It's amazing to see that CSA has grown so much and still thrives today. I'm so proud to say that I have been a part of the great programs CSA had to offer. Thank you to all the people that were and still are involved.

Jamison Stalsworth

The moment I stepped through the door of CSA at 11 years of age, I felt not only accepted but welcomed into not just a school, but a breeding ground of ideas, passions, individuals and limitless possibilities for finding bold new ways to express myself creatively. I was inspired and encouraged to not just stay true to myself, but to explore myself and be loud. Never once was I stifled, but instead was given the tools to express myself and given the courage to be proud. It gave me a spirit of bold curiosity which I will forever continue to carry with me.

David Habel

The Community School of the Arts gave me a healthy escape for many years from everything else. The confidence in my artistic abilities that I gained from the Community School of the Arts was incomparable to any other place during that time in my life. As it stands, I gained a foundation for my future, and there are things I picked up there that still serve me well today.

Sharlita Green

What CSA means to me is an organization that cares. Not just about my development as an artist, but my development as a person. I remember being taught core principles, then being allowed the freedom to explore; not being thrown out a window, but guided on proper flight. CSA offered a network that cared about what was going on outside of my projects. Ms. Jennifer was never shy about asking how my life was going and if she could offer any support. CSA helped me to realize my love for design and influenced my decision to major in architecture, and the many lessons I learned there have given me a sort of confidence and foundation as I receive projects in my studio. Overall, CSA was definitely a defining moment in my life and I look forward to the moment when I am a successful architect and can give back to the school a portion of what they've given to me.

Shantel Waters

There's nothing like CSA! I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to be able to learn from such gifted and caring artists. When I first arrived at CSA, I learned a lot about my inner self and how to express myself through dance and song. It was later that I began taking piano lessons from Ms. Carol. I loved piano and my instructor very much. It's not just the free lessons that kept me coming back each week; it was the bonds that I shared with my instructors. The instructors at CSA truly care about each of their students.

Alexa Carter

CSA was honestly my home away from home. If I was not at school or at home, you could almost always find me at CSA. The Community School of the Arts opened up many doors that led to my appreciation of the arts. It gave me a chance to explore my creative juices through piano, art, dancing, singing, and even cooking! It was also the place where I met many of my mentors who are always checking up on me even to this day.

Mario Goss

CSA means a lot to me because they taught and encouraged me to be myself; and provided me with a variety of artistic ways to express who I am. Furthermore, CSA will always be dear to me for supplying me with a wide range of art so that I would one day be able to express myself in a way that means more than words could ever explain. As a graduate, I reflect on my time at CSA and notice that I was truly blessed to have them as a part of my life; and live a thankful life to all the people who played a part in making me a better individual.

Shante Clark

CSA has played a huge role in my life ever since the first day. The wonderful men and women who make up the staff of this organization mean so much to me. They have been there for me in every way possible, above and beyond their responsibilities. They have helped shaped the woman I am today and continue to influence others through their passion and love for the Community School of the Arts.

Isaac Mobley

CSA is a program that acts as an outlet to let out a side of myself that I can neither express in academia nor athletic activities. It is a place where I can go to work on my creative side and further develop myself as an all-around person. It has helped me connect with many people, allowing my life's story through my art that now lives in dozens of loving homes.