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Our Story

The Community School of the Arts (CSA), formed in 1991 by a group of passionate citizens under the leadership of the Rev. G. Carswell Hughs, aspired to close the gap in art and music education offered by public schools in East Tennessee.
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We teach all artistic disciplines to children and teens, ages 6 through 18 in an after-school program five days a week. This includes piano, strings, brass, wind, guitar and other traditional instruments; musical ensembles; modern dance; creative writing and drama; and visual arts.
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Support comes in various forms, and every dollar makes a difference. To continue providing exposure to the arts for underserved and at-risk youth, we rely on donations of time, funds and talent.
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"The moment I stepped through the door of CSA at 11 years of age, I felt not only accepted but welcomed into not just a school, but a breeding ground of ideas, passions, individuals and limitless possibilities for finding bold new ways to express myself creatively. I was inspired and encouraged ... "
Jamison Stalsworth